Learning by doing

Aeres offers broad and comprehensive education that focusses on the student. Our programs have been developed along the principles of Competency-Based Education (CBE).

Our practical approach to training gives our students the invaluable opportunity of trying things out for themselves in real-life working environments. We coach at a wide variety of functioning facilities, such as dairy farms and commercial greenhouses. What's more, our capacity-building programmes have a proven track record in Europe, Asia and Africa, and our consultancy skills have helped many different organisations achieve objectives ranging from improving productivity to developing whole new business plans.

Lecturers take various learning styles into account, encouraging and guiding students and trainees to optimally develop their competences, in line with the needs of the labour market. Education units are kept small, even at locations that have large numbers of students and trainees. Prior learning, both practical and academic is taken into account in defining individual study programs. Future employers, business and public sector, are close involved in the educational process, and ICT is used extensively. In addition to the standard international programs and courses, Aeres develops and conducts tailor-made training courses on the shop floor in countries all over the world.

Aeres provides education and training at certificate, Diploma, Bachelor and Master level in agricultural production, chain management and land management.

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