On the 27th of May, two year long courses 'Pig and Poultry', 'husbandry and animal feed' and one three month course 'Animal feed' ended. Afther the participants went home they mailed us with their comments. We would like to express our thanks to them and the others on this page for their kind words. 

Ernest Kidake Anzeze, Kenya “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the PTC+ trainers for the good work you did to make sure we acquire the required knowledge and skills. I really enjoyed my studies at PTC+ in Barneveld.”

Ernest Kidake Anzeze - Kenya

“I have done a lot of things and spent time in Holland. Due to the program, I have graduated with interesting practical Knowledge and skills I learned at PTC+ and I would like to thank all of your staffs and the Dutch!”

Tadesse Birhanu Tessema - Ethiopia 

 Ebenezer Gyamera, Ghana
“My sincere thanks to you and the entire PTC+ team for the impact you've made on my life. I certainly will be a good ambassador for PTC+.”

Ebenezer Gyamera - Ghana

“I do appreciate my stay at PTC+, during my 3 months stay I learned a lot. I arrived home safely after the long flight, hopefully we will have much to share in the future.”

James Wanjama - Kenya

 James Wanjama, Kenya
Joshua Isiko, Uganda “Thanks very much for your support and skills imparted to us.”

Joshua Isiko - Uganda

“Thanks a lot to all the trainers and PTC+ for the knowledge I gained during my 89 days stay at PTC+. I will never be the same again.”

James Ngoci Mwangi - Kenya

James Ngoci Mwangi, Kenya