Technical training courses

Technical training is what Aeres Tech does best. With a long history of providing practical training to a wide variety of students, we have earned a worldwide reputation for passing on directly applicable and transferable skills. Fields of expertise are Refrigeration and Engineering Technology.
Knowledge, skills and entrepreneurship are gathered and shared according to a unique didactic concept: learning by doing. Our two expertise centres offer training courses, business training plans, development projects and practical assessments. These are always custom made to the client’s individual requirements. In consultation with the client, courses can be given in the Netherlands, but also on the shop floor in your own country.

Within Aeres, it is the practical training centre Aeres Tech who is foremost involved in these commercial technical activities. Together with NGO's and other partners Aeres also participates in sponsored international projects.

Business schools

Aeres also creates and carries out global business schools in close co-operation with mandating companies. Importers of John Deere and the Green & Cool academy (refrigeration) are examples of these schools.

More information

You will find more information on tailor made courses en global business schools on the website of Aeres Tech.

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