Internationalisation Dutch Education

The Dutch agricultural sector is strongly international. A great part of our products is being exported all over the world. For this reason, Dutch education given at the so called green school focusses also on that international aspect of the green sector. The agricultural one in specific is a vital part of green education:

  • University students are expected to take an international internship.
  • The schools of Aeres Technical and Vocational Education (TVET, up until August 2017 called Groenhorst) organize projects with international elements, students visit other schools abroad, go on excursions or take world wide international internships.
  • The schools of Aeres Preparatory Secondary Vocation Education also organize projects with international elements and go on international excursions (mostly Europe)


Near the compound of local partner 'Passion Agro & Furniture Production (Passion AFP)', Aeres has built an expertise centre in Debre Zeyt where disadvantaged youth can follow agricultural vocational courses. Since then several Dutch school classes and individual students have visited this location to learn about the country and the possibilities and difficulties in another climate. There have also been projects to raise money for the compound and the people in the region.

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