Aeres offers a variety of educational activities in the Netherlands. Aeres consists of several schools on different levels and training centres which offer learning course and consultancy on themes like agricultural (arable, husbandry and horticulture), (urban) living environment, food and technique/technology.

Courses at university-level

Aeres has a university of applied Sciences. It offers four year bachelor programmes and shorter programmes for Erasmus students and others who would like to take a course in the Netherlands. The Aeres University of Applied Sciences (renamed from CAH Vilentum on September 1, 2016) is a green university with agricultural programmes. The Faculty Aeres University AS Almere has programmes on Food, Entrepreneurship and Urban Dynamics. The faculty Aeres University AS Wageningen renamed from Stoas Vilentum on september 1, 2016) is an educational faculty.

BTEC-courses on vocational level

Aeres has a school for vocational education: Aeres TVET. This school offers a variety of BTEC courses in co-operation with educational institutes abroad.