Introducing Aeres

Some facts and figures

In 2015 Aeres had approximately 1.100 employees, 10.000 students (not counting the thousands of short term trainees). The turn-over is close to € 100 million.

Aeres works in 14 towns/villages in the middle of the Netherlands and offers education and/or services and two flex locations for services. Aeres has more than 10 lectors who are, among others, responsible for our research and innovation projects.

Fields of expertise

Aeres focusses on seven fields of expertise. For each of these fields we offer a variety of activities from education and research programmes to development projects with NGO’s, innovation projects with companies, commercial courses and services such as consultancy.  Our teachers participate in research and bring the results into their courses. In this way we make sure the courses are up-to-date and relevant and will eventually contribute to the development of competent professionals. 

Our fields of expertise are:

  • Agrifood and Entrepreneurship
  • Animal and Animal Health (both cattle, horse and pets)
  • Healthy and vital living environment
  • Learn and Develop (education, teacher training)
  • Flower
  • Food, Sustenance and Technology
  • Technique (directly or indirectly relevant to the other topics)

Key activities

The key activities of Aeres are:
  • Providing education and training in the “green” sector: agricultural production chains, agribusiness and land management;
  • Training lecturers for “green” education and training;
  • Designing and implementing applied research and innovation;
  • Service provision and developing and implementing projects in its fields of expertise;
  • Linking to organizations and businesses in the green sector. 

International outlook

Aeres looks beyond national boundaries by actively promoting its institutes to non-Dutch students, and implementing abroad activities in the core fields of expertise. We encourage our staff, pupils, students and course members to think and act internationally.