About Aeres

Aeres consists of schools, commercial courses and training centers and institutes specialized in supporting services:

  • Aeres University of Applied Sciences and Teacher Education. The university has three faculties which are named after the location they are established in: Almere, Dronten and Wageningen. Almere has a primary focus on Urban issues and Food, Dronten is the agricultural faculty, Wageningen the educational one.
  • Aeres TVET has seven schools in the center of the Netherlands. They all have their own profile from Pet care, Flower and garden, Arable farming and animal husbandry, Outdoor, Design, Science to Food.
  • Eight schools of Aeres Preparatory Secondary Vocation Education.
  • Aeres Tech is a practical training centre for refrigeration and Engineering.
  • Aeres Agri Training Centre for Arable Farming, Animal Husbandry (Dairy and Horse) and Horticulture.